Epiphany: Medieval Byzantine Chant


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EAN/UPC: 884501633413
Catalog No: CR-408
Release Date: January 4, 2005
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Cappella Romana’s release of Epiphany: Medieval Byzantine Chant features IOANNIS ARVANITIS, acclaimed scholar and performer of medieval Byzantine chant. This recording features music for the feasts of January 1st (St. Basil and the Circumcision of Christ) and of January 6th (Epiphany, or Theophany, as it is known in the East). Re-release with new essay by Dr. Alexander Lingas.

This disc is full of medieval Byzantine chant, similar to Gregorian chant in its mesmerizing and timeless effect. Cappella Romana, an all male choir, chants the texts centering around the liturgical feast of Epiphany. The performers are all specialists in the field of ancient music. Guest director Ioannis Arvanitis is an important scholar in the field of Byzantine chant.

    From the Divine Liturgy of January 1st

  1. Εἰσοδικόν Introit: Anonymous, MS Athens 2406 (1453)
  2. Ἀπολυτίκιον Ὁ θρόνῳ πυριμόρφῳ Apolytikion “You who sit on a fiery throne”
    Text: MS Messina gr. 115 (1131), MS Vatopedi 1493 (15th c.)
  3. Kοντάκιον Ὤφθης βάσις ἄσειστος Kontakion “You appeared as an unshakeable foundation”
    Anonymous, MS Florence, Ashburnhamensis 64 (1289)
  4. Τρισάγιον Trisagion: Anonymous, MS Lavra Γ. 3 (14th c.)
  5. Προκείμενον Τὸ στόμα μου λαλήσει σοφίαν Prokeimenon (Gradual)
    “My tongue will speak wisdom”: Psalm 48: 3, 1, MS Vaticanus gr. 345, f. lr
  6. Ἀλληλουϊάριον Ὁ ποιμαίνων τὸν Ἰσραὴλ πρόσχες. Alleluiarion “Attend O Shepherd of Israel”
    Psalm 79: 1, 2, MS Florence, Ashburnhamensis 64 (1289)
  7. Κοινωνικόν Εἰς μνημόσυνον αἰώνιον ἔσται δίκαιος Communion verse “The just will be held
    in everlasting memory”: Psalm 111: 6, MS Grottaferrata Γ.γ.I (13th c.)
  8. From the Services of January 6th

  9. Κοντάκιον τῶν Θεοφανείων Kontakion of Theophany: St. Romanos the Melodist (6th c.)
    MS Konstamonitou 86
  10. Αʹ Κανὼν τῶν Θεοφανείων ᾨδὴ αʹ First Kanon for Theophany, Ode 1
    St. Kosmas of Maïouma (8th c.), MS Grottaferrata Ε.γ.II
  11. ᾨδὴ εʹ Ode 5
  12. Ἑορταστικὸν Τρισάγιον (Ὅσοι εἰς Χριστὸν)
    Festal Trisagion (“As many of you as have been baptized”): Xenos Korones (14th. c.)
    MS Athens 2456 (15th c.)
    Δύναμις Dynamis: John Kladas the Lampadarios (fl. ca. 1400)
  13. Τροπάρια εἰς τὸν Ἁγιασμόν Troparia for the Blessing of the Waters: St. Sophronios, Patriarch of Jerusalem (d. 638), MSS Vienna Theol. gr. 181 & Ambrosianus A 139 sup.
  14. Ἀναγραμματισμός Anagrammatismos: St. John Koukouzelis (14th c.), MS Sinai 1566 (15th c.)

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The singing is exquisite--clear, often haunting, with superb blend and breath… ” –Beth Adelman