Toensing: Kontakion for the Nativity of Christ


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EAN/UPC: 614511744621
Catalog No: CR-405
Release Date: October 24, 2008
Liner Notes

Indebted to Slavic traditions, his virtuosic Choral Concerto for unaccompanied double choir and multiple soloists uses the dramatic words of St. Romanos the Melodist (6th c.) to recount the mystery of Jesus’ birth. Toensing’s more intimate New Orthodox Carols for the Nativity of Christ alternate between exuberant celebration and joyful contemplation as they bridge the gap between Byzantine and American hymnody.

    Kontakion on the Nativity of Christ: A Choral Concerto (2007)
    For double choir and soloists
    Text: St. Romanos the Melodist (6th c.)
    Translation by Darrin Morkunas; poeticized by the composer

    First Movement

  1. Proimion, The Virgin gives birth today
  2. Stanza I, Bethlehem has opened Eden
  3. Stanza II, The Father of the Father by intent became her Son
  4. Stanza III, O High King, what is there for you among the beggars?
  5. Second Movement

  6. Stanza IV, As she says such things int eh presence of the Ineffable
  7. Stanza VI, As Mary heard all of these astonishing words
  8. Stanza VII, Since they are your people, O Child
  9. Third Movement

  10. Stanza VIII, Jesus, who is truly the Christ and also our God
  11. Stanza IX, Receive, then, O Holy Lady
  12. Fourth Movement

  13. Stanza X, The Magi hastened at once into the inner room
  14. Stanza XI, “I will tell you,” said Mary to the Magi
  15. Stanza XXII Now when She who is blameless saw the Magi
  16. Stanza XXIV (Epilogue) Save the world, O our Savior
  17. New Orthodox Carols for the Nativity of Christ

  18. O Nations, Let Us Now Prepare
  19. Isaiah, As He Watched By Night
  20. In Olden Days
  21. What Shall We Call You
  22. Now hear, O Bethlehem
  23. The Virgin, as was Said of Old
  24. O Let Creation All Rejoice
  25. Now Christ is Born Upon the Earth
  26. The Rod of Jesse’s Root has Bloomed
  27. The Shepherds in the Fields
  28. Once Sorrow had Silenced Zion’s Harps
  29. Make Glad, You Righteous