Benedict Sheehan: Vespers


Album Details

EAN/UPC: 753459959183
Catalog No: CR-423
Release Date: November 19, 2021
Liner Notes

Cappella Records is pleased to announce the November 19, 2021, release of Benedict Sheehan’s Vespers, an Eastern Orthodox Vespers performed in English by the GRAMMY®-nominated Saint Tikhon Choir, conducted by the composer.

Inspired by the great All-Night Vigil setting by Rachmaninoff, Sheehan’s composition expands the genre with full settings of Psalms, each of which expresses a full range of human emotion.

Vespers also features virtuosic vocal concertos, including the first for
basso profundo in English, sung by the great American basso profundo Glenn Miller. Music that projects a vision of hope and light for all.


  1. The Opening Psalm | Ps. 103 9:08
    Soloists: Michael Hawes, Timothy Parsons
  2. Great Litany 5:10
    Soloist: Michael Hawes
  3. Blessed is the Man 3:00
    Soloists: Eric S. Brenner, Paul D’Arcy, Michael Hawes, David Hendrix
  4. Small Litany 1:36
    Soloist: Michael Hawes
  5. The Lamp-Lighting Psalms Pss. 140 & 141 3:25
    Soloists: Helen Karloski, Mark Powell
    Soprano/Alto Semi-Chorus: Sarah Tannehill Anderson, Eric S. Brenner, Tynan Davis, Photini Downie Robinson, Helen Karloski, Talia Sheehan,
    Tenor/Bass Semi-Chorus: Sam Anderson, Daniel Burnett, Nathan Hodgson, Christopher Jackson, David Morrison, Mark Powell
  6. Stikhira of the Resurrection 10:00
    Soloists: Sarah Tannehill Anderson, Emily Yocum Black, Daniel Burnett, Paul D’Arcy, Tynan Davis, Helen Karloski, Mark Powell, Jamal Sarikoki
    Soprano Semi-Chorus: Sarah Tannehill Anderson, Emily Yocum Black, Elizabeth Frase, Fiona Gillespie
    Mezzo Semi-Chorus: Tynan Davis, Catherine Hedberg, Tabitha Lewis
    Alto Semi-Chorus: Kit Emory, Amanda Jacobs, Helen Karloski
    Tenor Semi-Chorus: Daniel Burnett, David Hendrix, Mikel Hill, Anthony Maglione Baritone Semi-Chorus: Richard Barrett, Michael Hawes, Mark Powell
    Bass Semi-Chorus: Christopher Jackson, David Morrison, Jason Thoms, Thou Yang
  7. O Gladsome Light 4:04
    Soloist: Fotina Naumenko
  8. The Lord is King | Ps. 92 2:42
    Soloist: Timothy Parsons
  9. Evening Prayer | “Vouchsafe, O Lord” 3:30
  10. The Song of Simeon 5:00
    Soloist: Glenn Miller
  11. Interlude: The Trisagion Prayers 1:54
    Soloists: Michael Hawes, Jason Thoms
  12. Rejoice, O Virgin 3:34
    Soloist: Jamal Sarikoki
  13. The Closing Psalm | Ps. 33 6:17
    Soloists: Paul D’Arcy, Helen Karloski

Gappelegate Classics-Modern Music Review

“If you like Eastern Orthodox liturgical vocals you will find this a nice addition. Or even if you do not! Recommended.” —Grego Applegate Edwards ” –Grego Applegate Edwards


There is a synergy between Sheehan and the singers of the kind that often comes with a sense of shared mission, and best of all is the sound from the Cappella Romana label… rich, clear, and multi-layered. ” –James Manheim


There seems to be no limit to his melodic and harmonic inventiveness and his ability to use music as a medium for expressing spirituality or, if you prefer, strong emotional feelings grounded in intelligence and tradition. ” –Linda Holt


Sheehan’s Vespers is a beautiful work performed here by committed choristers bringing a sense of religious adoration that transports the listener. ” –Steven Kennedy


this is choral singing at its most exquisite. The bottom line is that Benedict Sheehan has in all evidence succeeded in creating once more a fresh and vibrant view to Eastern Orthodox chant in all its glowing colours. ” –Adrian Quanjer

Audiophile Audition

this is a marvelous, gorgeously rendered and profoundly personal expression of deep faith… I find this music glowing, inspiring and capable of great emotion and exultation, and one listens with rapt attention to its many marvels. ” –Steven Ritter

Blog Critics

Benedict Sheehan: Vespers is a rich treat for the ear and for the mind. I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone with a love of choral music or an interest in liturgical music. ” –Jon Sobel