Robert Kyr: All-Night Vigil


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EAN/UPC: 753459525036
Catalog No: CR-426
Release Date: November 11, 2022
Liner Notes

Cappella Records proudly announces the WORLD PREMIERE RECORDING of ROBERT KYR’S ALL-NIGHT VIGIL, performed by Cappella Romana, and directed by founder and music director Alexander Lingas.

American composer Robert Kyr’s All-Night Vigil takes its formal inspiration from Sergei Rachmaninoff, who in 1915 set the same selections from the Orthodox vigil for the Resurrection. Here Robert Kyr employs an English translation of those selections by the late Archimandrite Ephrem (Lash), to whom this Vigil is dedicated.

Kyr blends Byzantine and Slavic musical traditions with a distinctly personal idiom, granting a fresh approach for those familiar with these texts, and a deeply moving point of entry for those encountering them for the first time.

All-Night Vigil is released on a Hybrid SACD in 2.0 stereo and 5.0 surround sound (DSM192K/24bit), recorded in DSD and Dolby® Atmos Spatial Audio and downloadable to audio servers and devices.

Cappella Romana launches this world premiere recording with the world premiere performances in Seattle and Portland, November 11-13, 2022.

    Robert Kyr: All-Night Vigil

    Part I: Vespers

  1. Come, let us worship (2:11)
  2. Bless the Lord, O my soul (3:48)
  3. Blessed is the man (3:41)
  4. O joyful Light (2:52)
  5. Now, Master, you let your servant depart in peace (2:43)
  6. Virgin Mother of God (3:24)
  7. Part II: Matins

  8. Glory to God in the highest (2:12)
  9. Praise the name of the Lord (2:04)
  10. Blessed are you, O Lord, teach me your statutes (9:15)
  11. Having seen the Resurrection of Christ (3:49)
  12. Magnificat: My soul magnifies the Lord (5:57)
  13. Summa: Glory to you who have shown us the light (The Great Doxology) (12:13)
  14. Today salvation has come to the world (1:39)
  15. By rising from the tomb (2:35)
  16. Epilogue: Prime (First hour)

  17. From the Akathist Hymn: To you, my Champion (2:04)


the warmth, depth and sincerity of the singing in Kyr’s All-Night Vigil transcend the unfamiliarity of the material. The vocal sound here is simply beautiful: there is a full hour of elegantly phrased, emotionally penetrating, deeply sincere delivery both of choral material and of individual lines against a choral background. ” –Mark J. Estren

“In these testing times, music from heaven is more than welcome… what counts for us is the result as presented here: A brilliant statement of the ancient Eastern Orthodox Gospel in a modern setting.… once again the female and male voices of Cappella Romana are beyond reproach, taking the listener for just over an hour into another, mystic world.” ” –Adrian Quanjer

Classical-Modern Music Review

sonorous drones, extended sustains, deeply full choral outlays and deeply meditative sobriety and jubilation… Bravo for the vocal excellence, the great audio and the finely crafted honing of the Modern in the Archaic. ” –Grego Applegate Edwards

American Record Guide

one of our finest choirs specializing in the music of Christianity's Eastern branch… The writing conveys both darkness and light with enough spiritual oomph to keep an audience on its metaphysical toes… superb ” –Philip Greenfield