Daniel Knaggs: Two Streams


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EAN/UPC: 753459994757
Catalog No: CR-429
Release Date: November 17, 2023
Liner Notes

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Cappella Records is proud to present the world première recording of DANIEL KNAGGS’ TWO STREAMS, performed by the GRAMMY® Award-winning Houston Chamber Choir led by Robert Simpson, with string ensemble Kinetic and world-class soloists.

With musical threads dyed in Medieval, baroque, and contemporary colors, Knaggs’ 2021 cantata weaves a breathtaking tapestry, an exploration of love and mercy that gives profound meaning to the transitory nature of life.

Two Streams is structured around the words of Polish nun Maria Faustina Kowalska (1905–1938). From a poor family that struggled during the years of the First World War, she joined the Congregation of Sisters of Mercy where she received heavenly messages to share with the world, inspiring this sublime music by Daniel Knaggs.

Available on SACD and multi-resolution downloads.

Produced by multi-GRAMMY® Award winner Blanton Alspaugh and the team at SoundMirror.

Two Streams (2022)
  1. Prologue 3:39
  2. Thick Darkness 6:14
  3. Song of Mercy I 3:11
  4. Invocations † 5:42
  5. Only Love 3:32
  6. Song of Mercy II 3:10
  7. Merciful Heart 7:24
  8. Meditation 6:11
  9. Song of Mercy III 4:37
  10. Mercy to Others 4:49
  11. Mother of Mercy 6:15
  12. Song of Mercy IV 4:32
  13. Come, O Earth 5:08
  14. Epilogue 5:29

American Record Guide

“a tapestry of sound that is beautifully crafted… The soloists, orchestra, and choir are all superb and give musical and committed performances ” –Robert Delcamp

Choir & Organ

"...communicated superbly by professional choir...viscerally vivid soloists...rich strata of string colour from Kinetic. Knaggs embraces many historical influences, powerfully and unapologetically evident in an instantly relatable work...A classic for our time, perhaps?" ” –Rebecca Tavener


 I hear tonal music of considerable beauty, executed to a high degree of excellence. Simpson has given the work a sympathetic hearing and executed a performance of considerable power and beauty. ” –J. F. Weber

The American Organist

Knaggs’s score is a welcome addition to the choral repertory, and this recording is worthy of repeated listening. It is highly recommended. ” –Matthew Hoch


The vocal performers...are impressive...as with much good choral music, one comes away with a finer sensitivity to our need for each other, for the collective. ” –Lowry Yankwich