Arctic Light: Finnish Orthodox Music


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EAN/UPC: 888295018227
Catalog No: CR-412
Release Date: February 11, 2014
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Four Hymns for the Dormition of the Mother God: Kontakion

This recording of Finnish Orthodox Music crosses boundaries of time and geography.

While Orthodoxy was the earliest form of Christianity to reach Finland, its music was initially drawn from the rich Slavic tradition, subsequently adapted into the Finnish language.

This recording by Cappella Romana features original works composed in Finnish in the 20th century that draw upon the Finnish choral tradition, marrying a shining Northern clarity of sound with a sonic richness clearly linked to the traditions of Russian choral singing.

  1. Kerubiveisu No. 3 | Cherubic Hymn No. 3 — Pekka Attinen (1885–1956)
  2. Ehtooveisu / Evening Hymn (“Phos hilaron”) — Boris Jakubov (1894–1923)
  3. Kontakki “Saata, oi Kristus” | Kontakion “With the Saints give rest, O Christ” — Attinen
  4. Pääsiäissunnuntain Iikossi | Paschal Ikos — Leonid Bashmakov (b.1927)
  5. Pääsiäisen Eksapostilaari No. 2 | Paschal Exaposteilarion No. 2 — Bashmakov
  6. Alkupsalmi | Psalm 103, beginning Vespers — Timo Ruottinen (b.1947)
  7. Te Apostolit… | O you Apostles… — Ivan Moody (b.1964)
  8. Trishagion | Trisagion — Ruottinen
  9. Kerubiveisu No. 4 | Cherubic Hymn No. 4 — Mikko Sidoroff (b.1985)
    Neitsyt Marian Kuolonuneen Nukkuminen Neljä Laulua
  10. Four Hymns for the Dormition of the Mother of God – Peter Mirolybov

  11. Eksapostilario | Exaposteilarion
  12. Kontakki | Kontakion
  13. Ylistysveisu | Megalynarion
  14. Kiitosstikiira | First Sticheron [at Lauds]

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The performances are polished and technically secure. … Recommended to anyone ” –Ronald E. Grames