Cyprus: Between Greek East and Latin West


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EAN/UPC: 888295318198
Catalog No: CR-416
Release Date: February 10, 2017
Liner Notes

Produced since 2004 by GRAMMY Award-winning producer Steve Barnett, Cappella Romana performs “music of purity and radiance” (Gramophone) in concerts of “luminous beauty” (Washington Post). Appearances in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Athens, Utrecht, Regensburg, and in the US Northwest all demonstrate how Cappella Romana “continues its ascent” (Wall Street Journal).

With Cyprus: Between Greek East & Latin West, Alexander Lingas leads Cappella Romana in an intrepid exploration of Cypriot music in both Byzantine and Western styles, including refined ars subtilior music composed for the Royal Court of Cyprus (c. 1308-1432) from the manuscript J.II.9 housed at the University of Turin.

Extensive scholarly article by founding artistic director Dr. Alexander Lingas (City University London, University of Oxford), with full texts in Greek and Latin, and translations in English.

  1. Responsory: Letare, Ciprus florida (from the Office of St. Hilarion, MS Torino J.II.9)
  2. Motet 8 Gemma florens/Hec est dies (MS Torino J.II.9)
  3. Sticheron Prosomoion for St. Hilarion in Mode 4 (Melody MS Mt. Athos Vatopedi 1493)
    Ὁ ἱλαρὸς τὴν ψυχήν · Ἦχος δʹ
  4. Sticheron Doxastikon for St. Hilarion in Mode 2 (MS Sinai Gr. 1471)
    Ἐκ νεότητός σου φέρων τελειότητος φρόνημα · Ἦχος βʹ
  5. Motet 17 Magni patris/Ovent Cyprus (MS Torino J.II.9)
  6. Trisagion of Orthros / Τρισάγιον τοῦ ὄρθρου (MS Sinai Gr. 1313)
  7. Kalophonic Hymn to the Trinity / Τριαδικὸν καλοφωνικόν (MS Athens 2406)
    by Konstantine Asan & John Kladas the Lampadarios
    Κωνσταντίνου τοῦ Ἀσάνη & Ἰωάννου λαμπαδαρίου τοῦ Κλαδᾶ
  8. Kyrie for St. Hilarion (from the Mass of St. Hilarion, MS Torino J.II.9)
  9. Gloria 10 (MS Torino J.II.9)
  10. Alleluia: Ave Sancte Ylarion (from the Mass of St. Hilarion, MS Torino J.II.9)
  11. Sequence for St. Hilarion (from the Mass of St. Hilarion, MS Torino J.II.9)
  12. Communion Verse for Saints in Mode 4 / Κοινωνικόν «Εἰς μνημόσυνον αἰώνιον» · Ἦχος δ´
    (MS Athens 2406) by Nicholas Asan / Νικολάου τοῦ Ἀσάνη
  13. A Short Kratema (MS Athens 2406) by Paul Kasas, Protopsaltes (First-Cantor) of Cyprus
    as beautified by Nicholas, Protopsaltes of Rentakinos, in Mode 4
    Καταβασία ποιηθεῖσα παρὰ τοῦ [Παύλου] Κασᾶ, πρωτοψάλτου Κύπρου-καλλωπισθεῖσα δὲ παρὰ κυροῦ Νικολάου, πρωτοψάλτου Ρεντακινοῦ · Ἦχος δʹ
  14. Motet 33 Da, magne pater/Donis affatim perfluit orbis (MS Torino J.II.9)

Audiophile Audition

Saturate yourself in either for about an hour and then switch for another hour, and you’ll swear they are the most disparate genres ever. … Cappella Romana is at its sterling best ” –Steven Ritter

MusicWeb International

The singing is impressive and the liturgical character of the chants selected for this disc comes off convincingly. ” –Johan van Veen's


The tone is wonderfully varied and evocative, especially the rich drone of the Orthodox chant. The women’s voices are pure but warm. The unnamed solo cantors are fluent and secure. Any lover of late-medieval music should find this an absolute delight. Add Lingas’s erudite notes, the sizable bibliography, the authoritative editions, and the superb engineering, and this release becomes indispensable ” –Ronald E. Grames