Arvo Pärt: Odes of Repentance


Album Details

Artists: Cappella Romana
Composers: Arvo Pärt
EAN/UPC: 753459506271
Catalog No: CR-428
Release Date: October 13, 2023
Liner Notes

On October 13, Cappella Records is proud to present its 31st releaseARVO PÄRT: ODES OF REPENTANCE, performed by Cappella Romana and led by founder and music director Alexander Lingas.

Cappella Romana brings to life the music of Arvo Pärt as you’ve never heard it before, presenting the composer’s Orthodox choral works for the first time as an Orthodox Service of Supplication. Built around the singing of a Byzantine poem called a kanon, on this occasion it features three odes from Pärts monumental Kanon Pokajanen (Kanon of Repentance).

Compositions by Pärt likewise comprise the other elements of this service: a Gospel reading marks its center (The Woman with the Alabaster Box) complete by psalmody, Orthodox hymns, and fervent prayers. Pärt’s transcendent “Prayer after the Kanon” eventually gives way to silence, to the prayer of the heart.


From Triodion
  1. “Ode 1”: Introduction; O Jesus the Son of God, Have Mercy upon Us (Apolytikion for the Holy Icons), Kerry McCarthy, soloist (5:28)
From Zwei slawische Psalmen (Two Slavonic Psalms)
  1. No. 2 Kindliche Ergebung (Childlike surrender) Psalm 130 LXX (131) Small Doxology from No. 1 Psalm 116 LXX (117) (3:52)
From Kanon Pokajanen (The Kanon of Repentance)
  1. Sedálen (Káthisma) and Bogoródichen (Theotokíon) (4:23)
  2. Kanon Ode 6 (8:49)
  3. Kontakion (3:24)
  4. Oikos (3:25)
  1. The Woman with the Alabaster Box, a Reading from the Gospel of St. Matthew (26:6-13) (6:41)
From Kanon Pokajanen
  1. Kanon Ode 8 (8:58)
  2. Kanon Ode 9 (7:21)
From Triodion
  1. “Ode 2”: O Mose Holy Birthgiver of God, save Us (Apolytikion for the Mother of God) (5:02)
From Kanon Pokajanen
  1. Prayer after the Kanon (11:20)
From Triodion
  1. “Ode 3”: O Holy Saint Nicholas, Pray unto God for Us; Coda (Apolytikion for Saint Nicholas), Kerry McCarthy, soloist


12 spellbinding tracks which give voice to the human yearning to be cleansed… the stars, the galaxies, all the wonders of a distant universe seem to touch us through the medium of sound.… this is an album of supreme artistry to cherish, heed, and enjoy. ” –Linda Holt

Classical-Modern Music

“a moving litany of rarified and heightened choral expression… perfection in…each of these beautiful works” ” –Grego Applegate-Edwards


“distinct from others of Pärt’s music” ” –David Salazar


“saying that the Cappella Romana presentation of Pärt’s Odes of Repentance seems an ideal merger of composer and performers borders on cliché – which does not make the assertion any less true” ” –Mark Estren

Choir & Organ

“here is pure Pärt. his sublime, distilled simplicity requiring and receiving total technical and emotional commitment.” ” –Rebecca Tavener


“Cappella Romana is an ideal match for Pärt's music.… This is a major Pärt recording that does not sound like any of the many others on the market.” ” –James Manheim

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This recording was made in a space that frames Cappella Romana’s voices perfectly for this music... ” –Rick Anderson

The WholeNote

Cappella Romana is an ideal match for Pärt’s sacred music. ” –Andrew Timar


...Pärt is an especially agreeable contemporary composer for the Byzantine liturgy, and that brings a high recommendation to this new issue. ” –J.F. Weber