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Arvo Pärt: Odes of Repentance Makes Billboard Chart Debut

Cappella Records is excited to share the #7 Debut of our Arvo Part: Odes of Repentance album on the Traditional Classical Billboard® Charts! Congratulations to Cappella Romana and Alexander Lingas!

12 spellbinding tracks which give voice to the human yearning to be cleansed… the stars, the galaxies, all the wonders of a distant universe seem to touch us through the medium of sound.… this is an album of supreme artistry to cherish, heed, and enjoy. ”

–Linda Holt, ConcertoNet

“a moving litany of rarified and heightened choral expression… perfection in…each of these beautiful works” 

—Grego Applegate-Edwards, Classical-Modern Music Review

“distinct from others of Pärt’s music”

–David Salazar, Opera Wire

“saying that the Cappella Romana presentation of Pärt’s Odes of Repentance seems an ideal merger of composer and performers borders on cliché – which does not make the assertion any less true”

–Mark Estren, InfoDad