Cappella Romana on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune

News | Jul. 14

Cappella Romana started the 2016 European Tour in London, but before the St. Giles Cripplegate performance, they stopped by BBC Radio 3 for an appearance on the “In Tune” program! Listen to the full broadcast Watch a clip from the studio performance:

Cyprus Recording Rehearsals

News | Jul. 16

Enjoy some photos from our rehearsals as we prepare to record our Cyprus: Greek East & Latin West program this week: Also, enjoy a look back at our 2008 Cyprus rehearsals: Cyprus: Greek East & Latin West To this day, the island of Cyprus stands at a crossroads between East and West. Alexander Lingas leads… Continue reading Cyprus Recording Rehearsals

Maximilian Steinberg: Passion Week

Watch the Passion Week Video

News | Mar. 19

Watch the new Passion Week Video to hear a track from the new album and see photos from the recording sessions! Order NOW! Buy The CD & The VINYL Today! iTunes

Good Friday in Jerusalem — Video from London

News | Feb. 2

Cappella Romana releases its 20th recording in conjunction with performances of music for Good Friday in Jerusalem THIS WEEKEND. Directed by Alexander Lingas featuring solo psaltis Stelios Kontakiotis. This film features the performance at London’s oldest church, St-Bartholomew-the-Great in the City of London. Pre-Order Good Friday in Jerusalem on Amazon Today! Good Friday in Jerusalem… Continue reading Good Friday in Jerusalem — Video from London

From the Maximilian Steinberg Recording Sessions

News | Jul. 18

Listen to a performance of Се, Жених грядет в полунощи (Behold, the Bridegroom cometh at Midnight) from the Maximilian Steinberg recording sessions at Stephan Roman Catholic Church: —UPDATE—- Buy The CD & The VINYL Today!