The Fall of Constantinople


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EAN/UPC: 614511736428
Catalog No: CR-402
Release Date: April 10, 2008
Liner Notes

In the “Fall of Constantinople,” Cappella Romana explores the musical legacy of the ancient civilization of Byzantium–caught between Latin West and Islamic East–with majestic ceremonies for the cathedral of Hagia Sophia, triumphant assertions of superiority by Westerners, and fervent prayers for the healing of religious divisions. Fabled Byzantium ended with the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks on 29 May 1453, inspiring the two poignant laments sung here that give Greek and Latin perspectives on the end of a 1,000-year-old empire.

This recording features Cappella Romana’s most in-demand program, of Byzantine Chant and Polyphony c. 1453 and motets by Guillaume Dufay Directed by Alexander Lingas.

    Hierarchical Entrance Rite for a Byzantine Divine Liturgy Anon. (c. 1450)
    MSS Athens 2401, 2406 & 2622, Iviron 1120, St Petersburg gr. 674 and Vatopedi 1493
    Manuel Chrysaphes the Lampadarios (fl. 1440–63)

  1. Introit for Sundays
  2. Hymn of the Resurrection (Mode 1)
  3. Imperial Acclamations for Constantine XI Paleologos (1449–53)
  4. Glory. Both now.
  5. Kontakion of the Mother of God (Mode Plagal 4)
  6. Hierarchical Trisagion
  7. Dynamis
  8. Vasilissa ergo gaude
    Guillaume Dufay (c. 1400–74)
  9. Hymn for Great Compline
    MS Athens 2401
    Manuel Gazes the Lampadarios (early 15th c.)
  10. Apostolo glorioso
  11. Kyrie Cunctipotens genitor
    MS Athens 2401
    Latin Chant (from Byzantine notation)
  12. Ecclesiæ militantis
  13. Canon in Honor of Thomas Aquinas: Ode 1
    Melody: MS Vatopedi 1529
    John Plousiadenos (1429?–1500)
  14. Communion Verse
    Docheiariou 315
  15. Canon for the Council of Florence: Ode 5
    Melody: MS Vatopedi 1529
  16. Lament for the Fall of Constantinople
    MS Iviron 1120
  17. Lamentatio Sanctæ Matris Ecclesiæ Constantinopolitanæ