Cappella Records Disc Sale

48-hour Summer Physical Disc Sale

We imagine that you, like all of us, are looking for ways to take your mind off of the worry and the stress of the times. Starting today, June 13–June 15, you can save 50% on our entire catalog of physical recordings (CDs, SACDs, and Blu-Ray Discs).

You won’t experience this depth through streaming alone

You’ll save money and your sanity and won’t use any internet bandwidth!

You’ll get collectible recordings that are beautifully designed, with comprehensive essays, artful images, and complete texts and translations.

Cappella Records is there to help with music that uplifts your spirit.

You can also complete your Cappella Records collection (cross that one off your list!) and you can share the beauty and passion with your family, neighbors, and friends.

Let Cappella Records’ music be a light to you and yours!